The Candle Lit Bubble Bath

While this may seem entirely too forward for a first date, it could very well be the best second date you have ever had.  A bubble bath can be one of the most sensual and amazing shared experiences between two people.

This doesn’t have to be limited to established couples.  A nice date can take place in a bubble bath with nice candle light and it can still be PG rated if you simply request that he or she bring a bathing suit.  Keep it a surprised though.  Have some nice wine and the candles ready and make it a surprise.

It might seem a little forward for some, but it can really be an exciting date.  It is also a fairly rare date so it can seem very exciting.  Don’t go cheap on the bubble bath though.  It should be enticing, relaxing and fun.  Also, don’t forget to have some clean towels handy and make sure the bathroom is particularly clean.

This can be a really relaxing way to get to know someone.  Have great wine, a great bubble bath and terrific conversation.