Dating for the Agoraphobic

Agoraphobia is a common anxiety disorder in which a person does not like to go outside.  Many people that consider themselves as homebodies are on one spectrum of agoraphobia and the worst side of the spectrum is the absolute fear to go outside.  So how does an agoraphobic date.

It takes a lot of understanding on the part of the person that dates an agoraphobic.  You can’t change the condition with force so it means you will have to spend a lot of time at their place.  It can be a treatable condition and it is possible to get them to go out if they feel comfortable with you, but it can be very hard.

Often times people that date an agoraphobic become a bit of an errand runner.  Most agoraphobics have figured out ways to get everything they need to come to them.  Take out food, grocery delivery, they can work from home but then if there is something that can’t do they may get their dates to do it for them.

Everyone needs love, even the agoraphobic, but expect it not to be easy.  Over time, you may find that you can no longer continue dating them.  If you can continue then hang in there and have fun.