Dating a Confirmed Bachelor

A confirmed bachelor is a man that has forever decided never to get married.  He has probably found that he has more fun living the single life and has decided to make it a permanent lifestyle.  The confirmed bachelor tends to be very lucky with the ladies and feels that he doesn’t need to be tied down to one as long as he has his looks.

Other confirmed bachelors are those men with a lot of wealth.  They are lucky with the ladies not because of their looks but because of their money.  They also feel that they don’t need to be tied down with one woman.

Not every guy is this lucky though and many don’t really see it as a choice.  So what happens when a confirmed bachelor is set loose on an online dating site?  Well, what has been found is that he has his pick of whichever lady he wants.  Not all women are interested in the confirmed bachelor though so his chances end up being the same as a man with no money and not very good looks.