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Tips for Internet Daters!

If you want to be great at everything you do, including online dating, then you know that you should always put your best foot forward.  Well, with online dating, the best way to do that is to have a great profile.  Be creative with it, really show everyone who you are and always put yourself in the best light.  That includes your photo.  You want to have the absolute best picture of yourself that you can.  That means, none of the photos with ex’s that are obviously cut out and none of the ones where you have been partying to hard and look like a drunken slob.

If you want to increase your chances at having the most success then you could consider something like a glamour shot.  Getting a picture done from a professional is a good way to have a great picture that will get you a lot of dates and compliments.  Always do your best when it comes to your profile.  Don’t get lazy in your descriptions.  Take your time and fill out every question to the fullest.  This will get you more sincere dates than those that are just looking to hook up with you.

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Online Dating Advice

If you have had any trouble in locating that special someone then you may just need a few helpful tips to steer you in the right direction.  Online dating sites make it virtually impossible not to find someone.  The chance of you finding someone, even just by random occurrence are pretty high, but these tips might give fate the little push that it sometimes needs.

1.                  Finding that special someone doesn’t mean that you have to spend your entire life doing it.  Now that you found them online, the next step is to meet them in person, preferably somewhere public.

2.                  When you engage in a conversation, simply make light topics the focus.  You are there to have a good time, not solve the world’s problems

3.                  Buy a new outfit especially for this date.  If you can’t do that, then wear your best clothing.

4.                  It is a good idea to have some funny stories ready to tell.  If you can keep the conversation going then you may get a second date.

5.                  Always take rejection with a smile.  If it doesn’t work out then you can just start over again, there are people out there for you and this one just wasn’t the one.

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First Date Foods to Avoid

So you’ve found someone you’re willing to meet online in public, and are going out dinner to meet them.  You feel fully prepared; great outfit, great hair, and are ready to go.  But have you thought about where you are going to eat, and what you will be eating?  This is an often ignored part of dating that could make or break any future connection you have, as well as completely embarrassing you.  Let’s talk about foods to avoid and why:

  • ANYTHING, and I mean anything, you are allergic to, or have had bad reactions to in the past.

o   Why?  Do you really want to spend your first date in the emergency room?  Didn’t think so.  Even the worst first date has better exit options.

  • Anything super greasy

o   Why? While those cheesy fries, onion rings, and ½ lb burger may look and sound appetizing, chances are you won’t want to deal with the gassy, bloated feeling it leaves you, especially if the date is going well.

  • Any green and stringy

o   Why?  I really don’t think you want your date pointing out that you have food in your teeth, rates high on the embarrassment factor.

  • Just a salad

o   Why? Even if it’s what you really really want, at least get a cup of soup to go with it. Otherwise it just looks like you’re trying to impress the person with how much you watch your weight.  Be yourself, but not too much.

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Achieving Great Dating Results

If you are looking for someone that fits everything that you want and need in a relationship then you might want to keep the list minimal.  Don’t go into too many specifics because you may find a great person, but because they don’t part their hair to the left, you reject them.  If you simply can’t stand it then let your date know.  Maybe they are willing to fix it and you both can carry on with the date and maybe your future.

If you have someone in mind that you are not completely sure about then you should try to make a list of factors that would help you in deciding the best course of action to take.  Maybe they are really handsome or rich.  Perhaps they smell bad or yell when they talk.  You can put these characteristics into groups and see which group wins.  If the positive ones win out over the bad qualities then it should give you a better chance with dating them.

Always try to give someone the benefit of the doubt a first.  If they just continue getting on your nerves then it probably is not the best situation to be in.  Just be polite and let them down easy.  Hopefully, one of their bad traits is not flipping out when they are rejected.

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Bad Date Exit Strategies

Let’s face it; this date is a dud.  You may have thought you found the perfect person online, but he’s nothing like he described himself, and his pictures are obviously fakes or from about 20 years earlier.  So how do you politely excuse yourself from the evening without completely crushing him?  The only way you will be able to pull the majority of these off is to make sure you have a charged cell phone with you.

1.       Excuse yourself to the restroom to call and check on your kids, then rush home because they are sick.  Note: This will only work if you have kids, or if he thinks you have kids

2.       Get an emergency phone call/ text from a friend; predetermine all of this earlier, so that you get the message at a certain time, and only respond if it is going poorly

3.       Come up with some sort of malady that you have to go home for.  Some great ones are migraines, stomach bug, allergy (to something in the restaurant, or even your date!)

4.       Be honest; let him know that the date isn’t going like you had hoped.  If he has seemed uncomfortable the whole time, he might agree with you!

5.       Suck it up.  So he’s not Prince Charming.  If he’s at least a nice guy, and the meal is good, why not just enjoy it?  Let him down gently at the end; while you have enjoyed your evening, you’re just not sure you two are compatible.

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The Candle Lit Bubble Bath

While this may seem entirely too forward for a first date, it could very well be the best second date you have ever had.  A bubble bath can be one of the most sensual and amazing shared experiences between two people.

This doesn’t have to be limited to established couples.  A nice date can take place in a bubble bath with nice candle light and it can still be PG rated if you simply request that he or she bring a bathing suit.  Keep it a surprised though.  Have some nice wine and the candles ready and make it a surprise.

It might seem a little forward for some, but it can really be an exciting date.  It is also a fairly rare date so it can seem very exciting.  Don’t go cheap on the bubble bath though.  It should be enticing, relaxing and fun.  Also, don’t forget to have some clean towels handy and make sure the bathroom is particularly clean.

This can be a really relaxing way to get to know someone.  Have great wine, a great bubble bath and terrific conversation.

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Dating a Confirmed Bachelor

A confirmed bachelor is a man that has forever decided never to get married.  He has probably found that he has more fun living the single life and has decided to make it a permanent lifestyle.  The confirmed bachelor tends to be very lucky with the ladies and feels that he doesn’t need to be tied down to one as long as he has his looks.

Other confirmed bachelors are those men with a lot of wealth.  They are lucky with the ladies not because of their looks but because of their money.  They also feel that they don’t need to be tied down with one woman.

Not every guy is this lucky though and many don’t really see it as a choice.  So what happens when a confirmed bachelor is set loose on an online dating site?  Well, what has been found is that he has his pick of whichever lady he wants.  Not all women are interested in the confirmed bachelor though so his chances end up being the same as a man with no money and not very good looks.

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Cheating – the essential tips

It is a very shameful fact that these days’ cheating is now easier than ever. There are more ways to cheat, more ways to get away with cheating and even worse than this, there are more ways to lie about cheating! Bearing this in mind, you might just find these essential cheating tips rather handy to know, just in case!

Women are apparently more likely to stray away from home during the time of the month in which they ovulate. This means that for the ladies out there, straying is not something that happens randomly and is in actual fact, almost planned in nature. It makes sense when you think about it – the hormones in the body during this time make the woman feel much sexier than she normally would and not only that, back to mother nature, she is more fertile at this point so is more compelled to have sex, with another person if necessary to dim her cave woman thoughts of procreating whether she realizes it or not.

Another handy tip that you might find useful that has been proven during scientific studies is that men are actually much better at detecting a cheating partner than women are. (This may upset many women in the world that believe she just “knows” because of her gut instinct!) Again this is something that comes from primitive times when men had to impress women in order to procreate and there was always the fear of not being the alpha male!

The final tip that you might find rather handy is that cheating itself does not come with one definitive definition. Cheating is something that varies from one person to another. One person may consider nothing below having sex to be cheating whereas another person may believe that “impure” thoughts about another person are taking it too far.

So there you have it, three handy tips about cheating that you may not have already known. You never know, these tips could just prevent you from becoming a victim of a cheat!

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Be wary of the secret womanizer!

Girls, a womanizer is a man that is undoubtedly going to break your heart and leave you feeling crushed and the only way that you can be really sure that this doesn’t happen is to avoid men like this like the plague. The thing is how can you tell if that cute guy that you are talking to at the bar is a womanizer and what are the signs that you show you this?

The problem with the womanizer is that he won’t usually show his true colors until you have actually started dating. During the “wooing” process he will seem to be the most perfect man in the world but most men do this in a bid to get you to like them! It is when you have actually started dating that the problems will start and the signs will show and the sooner you see them and understand what is going on, the sooner you can ditch him and move onto someone else that is going to try and break your heart!

Most womanizers use a trick – to get you so blinded by the good stuff that he does that you never really notice the bad stuff. To make this easier, he is likely to tell you that he is falling for you or has already fallen for you within a few short dates. You are the one that he has been always searching for and you make his life complete. The reality is, if it sounds like total garbage, it probably is and sometimes someone can really be too good to be true!

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Running into an Ex-Lover on a Date

You could be on a date anywhere and an ex-lover could appear.  Maybe they are dining or perhaps they are a waiter.  Either way, it can be a rather uncomfortable situation.  If you are confronted with the possibility of having to communicate with the ex, then make sure that you show that your current dates is your absolute focus.

It is a very bad feeling thinking that you are a third wheel on a date, this is why it is important to include your date in the greeting.  If your date has any questions about your relation to this person, it is often much easier and better appreciated if the sexual part came up.

It is more polite to say that you had a short fling with the person that to mask it with a lie and sit there uncomfortably the rest of the evening.  People understand that you have had a past and it this situation can even be made into a humorous anecdote.

Try not to make it the topic of conversation for the entire evening.  Otherwise, it will ruin the date and your good time.  It shouldn’t happen often, but if it does, just be prepared to handle it.

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