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If you are one of the lucky people who has already landed a date you are going to want to make sure that it goes perfectly.  I am going to give you some dating free advice that you can use to ensure that your date goes wonderfully.  Even though first dates can be awkward and often feel like a job interview, if you put a little work into them you are guaranteed to have a great time.  A lot of people are scared to put any effort into their dates preferring that the date occurs naturally.  Unfortunately, by not planning people often end up saying and doing things they will later regret.  These are a few guidelines that I use anytime I am on a first date.  And, best of all, all of these dating tips are free!

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Keep the conversation positive and light.  Do not focus on the negatives, and do not talk about things overly serious.  Although it is cliché if you can at all help it avoid talking about politics and religion.  There will be time for this later on future dates.  The conversation at this point should be about having a good time.  Do not be afraid to make a few jokes, and make sure to laugh at the other persons jokes.  Be a polite conversation, and find a balance between listening and talking about yourself.  Do not dominate the conversation, but avoid being a shrinking violet.

Dress for the occasion.  People can tell if you put a little thought and time into your appearance.  At the same time there are different dresses for different occasions.  If you are going to a movie you should probably dress a little differently than if you are going to the opera.

Choose a fun location.  Going to a movie is a horrible, and I repeat horrible, choice for a first date.  Go somewhere where you can talk and really get to know one another.  A dark movie theater is the worst place to get to know someone.  Also, if you are just meeting a person you probably do not even know what kind of movie they like to see in the first place.  Choose a location with soft music and good lighting that is not to loud where the two of you can see if there is a connection.

Avoid excessive amounts of alcohol.  Having a drink can lighten the mood, but getting plastered and wasted is completely unattractive.  Know how much you can handles, and avoid sucking at the bottle the entire night.  A nice glass of wine is a much better place to be than five martinis!

Use the date to learn about one another.  A first date is about seeing if there is compatibility for a second date.  Feel free to ask some questions that will better help you answer the question, “Do I want to see this person again.”

The most important thing is to go with the flow and always trust your intuition.  If the date takes a turn for the worse do not feel guilty about ending the date.  After all, not every first date is meant to lead to a second date.  These are a few dating free tips that you can use to guarantee that you have a great free date.